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How to Pick the Right Bankruptcy Attorney


Being bankrupt is one of the worse financial situations that you can experience in your life. Individuals who are unable to pay their huge debts should file for bankruptcy. Hiring a reputable bankruptcy attorney in Johnson City can help you in filing for bankruptcy. The attorney hired can help in planning accordingly and guide you through the entire process. Remember that this is a serious process that requires one to get reliable legal assistance. During bankruptcy, an attorney can help you:

  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Negotiate for better terms with your lenders
  • Complete the required paperwork
  • Dealing with lenders or creditors who violate court orders
  • Provide accurate testimony

Tips for Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

The following are the proven tips that can guide you in picking a reputable, experienced bankruptcy attorney:

Look for a Specialist

a bankruptcy attorney

Keep in mind lawyers specialize in different areas such as criminal law, divorce, personal in just, and bankruptcy law. You should thus hire an attorney who is specialized and experienced in bankruptcy law. Working with an attorney who is not specialized in┬áthis field might worsen your financial situation. Doing research and visiting the attorneys’ website can help make an informed decision and narrow down choices when looking for a bankruptcy attorney.

Interview Several Lawyers

It would be best if you made an effort to go through the websites of different specialists or law firms that you find interesting. You should then book appointments and interview several lawyers. Asking the same questions when you schedule some appointments with potential bankruptcy lawyers can help you pick a highly qualified and professional who is confident in his abilities.

Read Reviews of Other Clients

clients's reviews

It is advisable to read some reviews posted by past clients when looking for a legal professional. Visiting potential attorneys’ websites and reading the testimonials of some clients can give you a clear picture of how well the lawyer relates to his/her clients. It is, therefore, important to listen or find out what the other clients are saying.


Level of experience

There are many legal firms that claim to be offering the best services, yet some of them have been in this field for a few years. For this reason, you should ask the attorney about the number of years that he/she has been prating bankruptcy law. Competent and experienced law firms are known for handling complex cases facing their clients. Ideally, you should, therefore, look for an en experienced, reliable law firm to handle your bankruptcy case.

Signs That You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer


A time comes when you need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

Learning how to hire a lawyer early enough can help you deal with the situation. A good lawyer will help you avoid harassment by the people and institutions that you owe money. Here are some of the signs that you need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer:

Piling Credit Card Debt

debtIf you notice that your credit card debt is pilling, you need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. Credit card debt can make you sink into debt because of the high interest rate. The reason why your credit card debt is piling is that you cannot be able to keep up with your financial obligations.

Keeping up with credit card debt can be difficult when you do not have enough sources to service the debt. If you cannot be able to make the minimum payments so far, make sure that you consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to help.

You are Surviving on Payday Loans

Payday loans are costly, and they are not the best. The worst thing with payday loans is the fact that they are expensive. If you are already in debt, the payday loans are likely to make the situation even worse.

Once you start noticing that the payday loans are increasing, take time and think about the best strategy. The best strategy at this point might be hiring a bankruptcy lawyer so that you can avoid making the debt even worse.

Foreclosure and Repossession

A foreclosure or a repossession can happen at any time. You need to make sure that you look for a way to prevent that from happening.

After a foreclosure or a repossession, you are likely to owe the lender even more money. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that you hire a good bankruptcy attorney.


You are Facing a Law Suit

In case you are facing a lawsuit, you need to look for a way to handle the problem. Lawsuits can happen if your lenders are coming after you for their money.

If you do not have money to pay them, filing for bankruptcy will help you. When you file for bankruptcy, you will avoid facing prosecution in the court of law.